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Students in German can choose from three distinct pathways, the B.A. in German with a strong emphasis on high language and cultural competency in German; the B.A. in German with Emphasis in German Studies with a broad interdisciplinary focus and the opportunity to explore connections between German Studies and neighboring fields; and the minor in German that is designed to complement students major field of study.

B.A. in GERMAN* The general German Major provides in-depth study of German through a variety of upper-division German courses. Students become proficient in the German language while taking specialized courses in language for specific purposes, linguistics, literature, film, civilization and other topics of culture of regions where German is spoken. With possible additional coursework and success on a proficiency exam, this major is also excellent preparation for those interested in entering a teaching credential program.

Preparation for the German major: German 100A, 100B, 202, 205A and 205B

Requirements for the BA in German: A minimum of 27 upper division units to include German 300, 301, 304, 400, 430 and 12 additional units in upper division German (no more than one course taught in English may apply). Also required for this major: a minor (or double major) in another field; and international experience: completion of an approved study abroad program in a German-speaking country consisting of at least six units/90 hours or of an approved internship (see adviser for more information).

The German Major with an emphasis in German Studies offers extensive preparation in the German language while providing students (through courses taken both in the German curriculum and in other programs) with a broad, interdisciplinary understanding of the history, cultures and societies of Germany and German-speaking central Europe.

Preparation for the German major with Emphasis in German Studies: German 100A, 100B, 150, 202, 205A and 205B

Requirements for the BA in German with Emphasis in German Studies: A minimum of 30 upper division units to include German 300, 301, and 410 or 411; six units of electives in German; 12 units (no more than six units in any one department) selected from: Art 558, Economics 330, European Studies 527, Geography 336, History 440, 517, Humanities 320, 404, Philosophy 414, Political Science 356; and 3 units of electives selected with approval of department adviser. International experience (study or an internship abroad) is NOT required for this major, but is highly recommended.

GERMAN MINOR* The German minor provides an excellent opportunity for students in a variety of degree programs to internationalize their studies through acquaintance with the German language and culture.

Preparation for the German minor: German 100A, 100B, 202, 205A and 205B (or equivalent)

Requirements for the German minor: The minor in German consists of a minimum of 15 units in German, 9 of which must be in upper division courses (at least 6 of these must be taken in residence at SDSU).

*Information is subject to change or error. See current SDSU catalog for the most accurate, up-to-date information.